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FREE** Vein Screening

Do you have leg pain? Do they feel heavy? Do you have bulging veins, ulcerations or darkening of the skin?

Any one of these symptoms could be related to vein disease, which affects both men and women. Premier Vein Center is the only vein center in southwest Michigan to treat the entire spectrum of vein disorders through minimally invasive techniques.

Fill out the form or call us at 269.585.VEIN (8346) to request an appointment for a FREE** painless ultrasound screening. We can tell you right away if you have a serious vein disease which could worsen over time.

Take the first step toward pain free legs.

**For non-Medicare patients only.

Approximately one in three Americans experiences pain, restlessness, heaviness, bulging veins, or discoloration in their legs as a result of vein disease. Since the symptoms are so common, many cases go undiagnosed and untreated. Premier Vein Center offers free vein screenings to identify vein issues and prescribe in-office treatments options.

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