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Patient Stories

At Premier Vein Center we treat the entire spectrum of vein disorders through minimally invasive techniques. Hear from some of our patients on how Premier Vein Center was able to treat their problems. Then schedule your screening today or contact us for more information.

Linda Miller's Story

Dr. Piereson on Linda Miller's Treatment

Linda Miller had tried other facilities to treat her debilitating vein disease symptoms, but without long-term improvement, she was eventually forced to stop working. Dr. Scott Piereson describes her complicated case of vein insufficiency in this case study. The team at Premier Vein Center created a multi-faceted treatment plan - one which involved every single technique the practice offers - in order to successfully treat Linda's symptoms and allow her to return to work. Dr. Piereson also describes the need for periodic rechecks in complicated cases like Linda's to ensure that recurrences are diagnosed and retreated before they have time to develop into more serious symptoms and impairment.

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